October 31, 2008

Hannah & Kirby

The view from the front porch yesterday morning

That’s Hannah, a Great Pyrenees - Anatolian Shepherd cross, one of our livestock guardian dogs. She is the guardian of the front door as well as assists in patrolling the whole farm.
The better half calls her one of the ugliest dogs in the world. You see Hannah and her sister Sadie developed Demodectic mange when they were roughly 6 months old. They lost hair from their heads, legs, and body well basically we had bald dogs.

Demodectic mange is a type of mange caused by a mite. From what I understand the mite is on all dogs, though some breeds seem to be more prone to infestation than others and is also an inherited problem.
Thankfully they survived, though we pretty much went broke treating their condition.

I am so happy as well as surprised to say that Kirby has finally decided I am worthy of his attention.

You see the horn that is turning into his head, we are going to attempt to band the tip to stop the growth. We have heard this method works well.
Isn't he just adorable :)

Indian Summer is back. Our forecast is calling for about 5 days with the highs in the 70’s and lows in the 50’s. Happy, happy, joy, joy! I really wasn’t ready for winter.


Nancy K. said...

I think Hannah's BEAUTIFUL!

Anonymous said...

Nice pictures

Peggy said...

I want a dog like Hannah so badly! That is the next thing I will try to find.

Grammy said...

When I had parrots. I had one we had to trim it beak to reshape it. We used a drimmel. I wonder if that would work on a horn.
Have a great week end.

JK said...

Nancy, now that she has hair she looks pretty good ;-)

Thanks Amy.

Peggy, our GP crosses make wonderful guardians, I think you would like having one with your animals.

Grammy, that's a thought if the banding doesn't work. Thanks.