October 1, 2008

It's October

The cool, crisp mornings find the goats sunworshipping in the extreme east corners of their pastures. Soaking up the warm rays of the morning sun. They look as if they are sleeping on their feet, so still and motionless.
A few of the chickens are waiting on the back stoop for their morning feed.
I have been busy setting up the holding pen for the new sheep due to arrive this Friday. Doesn't look like much but it is a bit of work. Pulling out old T-posts, raking, re-inforcing the clamps and wires that hold the pen together.
Matt brought in a few pounds of pears that had fallen from the tree. If the neighbors leave the tree alone this year, we might have a nice crop. The pears are not ripe yet and look a bit rough. Pear butter is first on the to make list.
The pork is back from the butcher. The freezer is full. Ummmm, fresh farm bacon, sausage and ham.
I sold my car, the poor little gal was taking a beating out here in the country. She was a little compact, low to the ground, a city car for a delicate driver. Not meant to take the pounding of these country roads or the hefty weight of the better half. Her underside could barely clear the gravel roads, once tore her oil pan. The goats would use her roof as the high spot while playing King of the Mountain. I felt it was not a life she should have to lead. I gave her a good cleaning, thanked her for her years of service and handed the title over to her new owner on Saturday. She is now traveling the paved streets in a big city 3 hours away.

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