December 9, 2009

Walking In A Winter Wonderland

That's what it feels like outside today...a winter wonderland.
The winds are whipping across the farm sideways. We had wind gusts up to 35 miles an hour. The snow (yep our first official accumulating snow of the season came this morning) is blowing in from a Nor-eastern direction and baby it's cold outside.

If I didn't have to get out in it I would be one happy camper. Alas, there are those out in the barn yard who depend on me to weather the elements and feed them.Though have to say they didn't stir til later in the morning I did have a slight break with a later start.

Update on Dad - no blockage, no leakage, though his current pace maker will need replaced. Appointment scheduled for Thursday to move forward with his treatment.

The better half is shut down in the blizzard conditions of the winter storm up in Illinois. Thankfully he found a truck stop and parked where he will have access to the basic neccesities when needed.

A perfect day for holiday baking...I am heading to kitchen, have a great day!

December 8, 2009

Extreme Sheep Herding & Art

Hopefully the link below will work and take you to Extreme Sheep LED Art on YouTube if not just google Extreme Sheep Herding or Extreme Sheep LED Art to watch this awesome display of sheep art.

Really amazing if you ask me. : -)

December 7, 2009

Here's Jackie.....

Happy December everyone! Hope all are doing well.

Can you believe only 24 days left in the year? I can't.

Much going on around the farmstead of late. Seem to just stay busy like it or not.
Dad is having heart problems again. Hoping to have much good news to report Wednesday. At this time the procedure he was to have last week was postponed. His blood was too thin to risk having the procedure done. They took him off the blood thinner and are waiting for test results to continue.
We managed to get the pigs into process on the 3rd. Woo Hoo! Happy, happy that those 9 - 300 something pound pigs are out of here. This was the largest and most destructive group of pigs we have dealt with and I tell you I am so glad they are gone!
The better half made it in for Thanksgiving and the day after, though had to work the weekend. We were able to run out to Fairlight Farm and pick up our two new additions to the Shetland flock.
Wanna see them?
Here's Jackie! Isn't he just lovely :-) Ok, boys aren't lovely but I just love his spots!
Just a beautiful boy!

This is Selena our new Shetland ewe. She is a sweetie.

Another of Jackie & Selena

And yet another of Jackie and Selena...a bit closer.
Actually they are still leery of me. Can't get too close.
At feeding time I can almost touch them.
The rest of the time they wouldn't let me touch them with a 10 ft. pole if their life depended on it.

Miss Pitty Pat makes up for the newbies hesitation. We call her Velcro...yes LOL sticks to you like Velcro.
Not sure if Scarlet and Pitty Pat are bred, though if Jackie has anything to say about it, they are. He barely step foot out of the truck when he found the two new girls. There were a few sheep races and a good bit of foot stomping going on. Selena made it known she was the boss. Jackie made it known he was all ram.
Things have quieted down, the girls steer clear of Selena, though they eat from the same dish as Jackie.
I love watching Jackie. If he sees something he is not quite sure what it is, he starts stomping that front foot. If that doesn't scare whatever it is away he lowers that head and shows them his horns. He is a big bad puff ball for sure.
We haven't put them with the Shetland boys (wethers). Still have a bit of work to do on the fencing. Though happy to say we are one step closer, the sheep shelter roof is fixed as of Friday.
The Shetland boys are in the bottom pasture with the Angora girls for the moment. Which is actually difficult. The sheep can't eat what the goats eat, the goats shouldn't eat the sheep food... the sheep can't have the goat minerals, the goats need more and different minerals than the sheep... so they all pretty much get stuck with eating oats and hay. Many are not very happy about this situation. Seems we are really going through the hay, especially since it has turned off cold.

Kirby (light fleece) and Kelley (black) fighting as usual over the same blade of grass hay.

Bonnie Lass begging for Sundance to come visit (the girls are all in heat). And believe me they can smell him which makes things worse.

Till next time...have a very good one!