October 29, 2008

Wooly Boys

View from the front porch this morning...Angus, Aberdeen and Kelly. Kirby is still camera shy and a bit skittish.


DayPhoto said...

YOu have the best photos of animals! Thank you for sharing!


Nancy K. said...

They certainly do look ready for winter! Their fleeces look very clean ~ how do you feed them?

City Mouse said...

Those boys are gorgeous! Really beautiful - they certainly have their winter coats on. Looks like our temps are about parallel - we're at about 32 here right now. Stay warm!

Anonymous said...

Nice looking wooly boys!

Grammy said...

It like wow what big sheep you have. lol. Love your pictures.

JK said...

Thanks all for the kind words.
I actually can't take credit for the sheep being so clean. They came to us clean and fluffy. We have only had the wooly boys a month now.
We feed their grain from a pipe feeder, their hay from a bucket and they browse.
Their fluffiness amazes me :) Imagine they will be surprisingly small under all that fleece. I am looking forward to shearing them next spring.

Tammy said...

The boys look wonderful! They look very content and pleased with themselves. Well, except for Kirby, the 'ghost sheep'. ;-)