March 16, 2010

Meanwhile Back At The Farm

The official first day of Spring is just a mere 4 days away. So close but yet so far away... especially when the weatherman forecasts snow. Yep, I said snow...even on the same exact day Spring begins. We are planning Shearing Day for the Angoras on March 28th. I hope we have a warming trend or it will have to be postponed.

The Better Half's mother fell and broke her hip, was hospitalized, under went hip replacement surgery and was admitted into a rehab center. She was healing well and beginning to get around on her own when she fell in the restroom. Luckily(thankfully) all was good, no major damage, only a few minor bumps and bruises.

No signs of lambing in the near future. Selena listened to me and we do not believe she settled. Bless her little furry heart. I explained to her from the get-go she didn't have to lamb to be productive, that her beautiful fleece was all I expected from her. Now the same can't be said of Scarlett and Pitty Pat. They are sporting blooming bellies. So I will be on baby watch beginning April.

I have been having a time with our bucks Sundance and Jacob, as well as Jackdaw our ram. Sundance (black Angora)not so much a problem other than calling to the does in heat. Such a noisey boy. Jacob(white Angora) on the other hand must be bored stiff and has taken to beating up (I should say in) the side of the metal storage shed that is exposed to their pen. I think he is actually just taking his frustrations out on the shed, you see he is low man on totem pole. Sundance is the boss even though Jacob believes he should be.

Jackdaw on the other hand decided he didn't want me coming into the pen and has began charging me and ramming the ewes. The little putz. The first time it happened I picked his happy Shetland body up, laid him on his side on the ground, laid my upper body on his, got up close & personal and we had a little talk. He quit for about a week. The second time I was very irritated because he actually made contact, his head to my legs. I picked him by horn and hair, laid him down and told him he was treading on thin ice. I took the pregnant ewes out of his pen for safety sake. I also now only go in his pen to feed which he seems to tolerate knowing he is going to eat. The weather has kept us from finishing the sheep run and lambing jug in a timely manner. As soon as we finish it Jackie is going in with the 4 wethered boys and will be too busy with them to worry about me. Selena, Scarlett and PittyPat will have a small run and lambing jug area to themselves without him.

We have been concentrating and putting much effort into getting our farm business up and running. I am happy to announce we will have a new website with an on-line store offering our farm crafts and products. Hopefully if all goes smoothly it will be working in the next month or so. I will keep all posted as to when it will be functional if you are interested.

Hope everyone has a great rest of the week. Til next time...