April 23, 2010

In Honor of Earth Day

We named the newborn lambs Eartha and Eco
Eco the not so little solid white ram lamb
Eartha the tiny tri colored ewe lamb

All baby watch, lambing and kidding are now over. Woo Hoo!
Scarlet lambed yesterday afternoon. Did and doing very well for a first time mom. Scarlet and babies are seemingly happy and healthy. And oh so precious!
I had her first possible due date as the 21st. Not far off the mark, lambing on the 22nd. :-) I knew Jackdaw had gotten right down to business on the first day we brought him home and put him in with the girls.
Delivery went well, the ram lamb came first. She must have had quite a bit of discomfort with him being so large. At times she laid flat out on her side in the shelter, with all 4 feet braced up against the wall during contractions. Poor girl. About 20 minutes after Eco was out, in the process of being cleaned by both Scarlet and I, she had a couple more contractions then out popped Eartha. I really mean popped out. I think both Scarlet and I were surprised and caught off guard at how quickly and easily she arrived. Scarlet was still cleaning Eco so I helped a tiny bit by cleaning Eartha's nose, mouth and head. Once she cried Scarlet was there.
While Scarlet cleaned every inch of the two I scurried around and got her molasses water, dipped the navels, cleaned up the afterbirth, lay out new hay in the shelter, took a couple of photos, checked the udder end, then settled in to hold the precious new lamkins.
The better half was actually able to be somewhat present during their delivery, I took him to the lambing jug on the cordless phone during the crucial moments. :-) Long distance the next best thing to being there ya know.

April 22, 2010

Photos From The Road

This week the better half traveled the eastern US.

Pittsburgh PA
Til next week...drive safe out there everyone.

April 19, 2010

Farm Photos

Worked a bit on cleaning up the barnyard and the yard this weekend. Managed to remember to take my camera.
We are greening up nicely

Annie one of our pet goats (she was the first baby born to the farm)

These girls were all bottle babies. Here we are years later...they still want that bottle. (I filled it with water after I drank the Dew) But yes they do love a sip of Dew every now and then. Actually Sprite or 7up is the best, no caffeine. The carbonation does not harm them, the amount of sugar is my main concern.
Buffy and Camel couldn't wait for me to fill the hay feeder .

This is Barb, our purebred LaMancha doe. She is definitely annoyed I disturbed her for the photo.

Selena (yep, she is a big puffball, shearing is thankfully coming up in a week)
PittyPat and Scarlet (wishing and hoping for me to open the gate)

The boys are so noisey right now, it's mating season.
Strutting his stuff.
The baby chicks and mom
Til next time, have a good one :-)

April 15, 2010

Photos From The Road

Have you seen the current Sprint wireless commerical that has been airing lately, where the CEO says not many people only use their cell phones for just calls. Well, we are(were) one of the "not many people" who only used their cell phones for just calls. Didn't have a camera, didn't send photos, emails or texts...nope only calls. I highly doubt if we would have had a cell phone if it were not that having a cell was a requirement for employment for the better half. On the other hand also was a plus for being able to stay in contact with those of us at home when he was hundreds of miles away.
Guess we are moving up in the world and no longer one of the "not many people"...the better half now has a handy dandy, new fangled, do it all phone. He now can text, email and send photos. And why yes he does all of the above :-).
Thought I would share with you some of the photos he sends home during his travels out on the road. Most days he emails a photo of where he happens to be delivering or loading. Most of those are relatively boring, trust me, photos of parking lots, warehouse and highways...

Some days he sends photos of much more interesting items...
These were taken at a buffalo ranch in Oklahoma...

I hope to have time to post a weekly "Photos From The Road"