October 13, 2008

Indian Summer Weekend

We have just had 2 extremely warm sunny days for autumn.

Highs in the 80’s, the warm gusty winds didn’t help cool the house. Had to turn the air on. The winds wrapped the welcome flag tightly around the pole.

The peacocks were perched on the shaded porch railings to escape the heat. (In the background behind the peacock you can see my current work in progress half done...a new milking area and stall for Sarah Beth.)Buffy wanted to see what Mom was up to
Look at the baby belly...she's due to kid in December.
Here's Axle... the proud papa.
Jabber Jaws our lone guinea(who thinks he is a Peacock) was out and about chasing bugs.
Brother and nephew came in from Texas for a brief weekend visit. Thomas(nephew) loves to explore the farm and visit with the animals. I was so happy to show off the wooly boys.

I am pleased to report that Aberdeen has now decided to trust me. No longer wanting to ram the hand that feeds him, he enjoys pets, scratches and attention. Now to work with Kirby...he just won't cooperate. 3 out of 4 tamed to new mom in a little over a week isn't bad really.


Anonymous said...

Nice pictures, it has been quite warm here too!

DayPhoto said...

Love your photos! Thank you for sharing. I really enjoy your blog and getting to know your animals, thereby you.

Would you let me link your blog to mine?


JK said...

Thanks Amy & Linda

Sure Linda, thank you for linking to me! :)

Tammy said...

I love the picture of 'the boys'. They look very content, and that feeder looks pretty nifty. Is it a PVC pipe?

JK said...

Thanks Tammy, we just love the boys and they seem to be settling in fine. Yes, is a PVC pipe feeder, Jim made a while back.