October 15, 2008

Things That Make Me Go Hummmmm

I was cleaning out and reorganizing a closet, which happened to hold a bit of my fiber stash. Decided to try to clear out some of the odds and ends. Sorting through I found I had a small bit of white mohair roving. Not enough to really spin into anything, so thought I would make a few felted balls.
These little balls make great pet toys, baby toys, pin cushions and the teenage nephews have tossed them around like hacky sacks. (Have been tested by friends and family in all manners mentioned above.) This year I'm using them as stocking stuffers for the kiddos.

We sell them from the vending tent for $1.00 - $2.00. They sell, not a top seller, but they do sell. They are made from the fleece of our Angora goats. That's it. Pure fleece. Fleece that has been washed, carded, then rolled into balls and felted. Like I mentioned usually from bits and pieces of roving.
So while the little guys were drying, I go surfing the internet looking for info on felted wool balls. Thinking I may find some new ideas or just see what others were saying.

Check this out.

Can't say we are organic but we do use all natural farm fiber, the ones I make (like in photo above are 7 & 8 inches in diameter, yep, I took a tape measure and measured the diameter). Ours are usually all white, with a few strands of Kool Aid dyed fiber strands mixed in for a hint of color. They are made in the USA.

So am I selling myself short....


Tammy said...

Whew... we are definatly not doing something right! :-) Maybe it's the 'organic & imported' part? Do you needle felt your balls before you toss them in the washer, or just wind them up? I've made a few for the cats and they love them, but would like to make more as a filler at fiber shows...the quicker to make the better!

JK said...

Must be the organic & imported part. Hers are a bit more colorful too.
I normally just wind them up, put in a knee hi (about 3 or 4 to one stocking) and wash.