October 27, 2008

Spinning Wheel Gotta Go Round

So last evening I decide to sit down and attempt to spin a bit more. Will admit beginner spinner here. Most likely will remain a beginner spinner. At the rate things are going am wondering if I ever want to be anything other than a beginner spinner. Not sure exactly what I am doing wrong, have sorted some things out (like going too slow or too fast, not letting the yarn pile up on the bobbin in one place). Could be my lack of coordination (Dad always said I couldn’t walk and chew gum at the same time). Just need to bite the bullet and buy that DVD (Spinning Wool-Basics & Beyond) to help sort it all out.
Actually the spinning is the better half’s craft though he is never home to spin. About the only action the wheel sees is when I dutifully dust and polish it or a bored visiting child spins the flywheel. He has the drop spindle on the truck with him and a bit of fleece to work if he gets the chance, though the chance never seems to arise.
The wheel was inherited from the better half’s mother. It came to us in a crushed mutilated box that had been in storage for eons. Surprisingly all pieces were there, one or two were broken, but repairable. The box was marked handmade spinning wheel, 1956, from Aunt Fern. If you were to look close you can see the imperfections in the craftsmanship, it’s Ok, they add to it’s charm and character. We took it to an Amish woodworker who restored the wheel to working condition. He even added a few decorative points.
The flyer was one of the pieces broken.
The treadle and footman are connected with wooden pegs.
The tension knob, maidens and mother of all had decorative tips added.

I believe it is still missing one piece on one end of the bobbin, though those who see it reassure me there isn’t.
Much of the time the poor wheel just sits there, staring and calling my name, begging and pleading to be used. Every so often I give in. I just can't sit still long enough to accomplish much or I'm just not holding my mouth right.

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Nice spinning wheel!