October 2, 2008

Good Morning from the farm

A cool, foggy morning it is.
Can't see the sun
The weatherman said we would need a jacket this morning. I am opting for the ever faithful, comfy, warm and toasty sweats. Love this weather!

The neighbors over the back ridge had a bumper crop of zucchini. They brought over a box full, about a dozen or so of large ones. Not too keen on the size, too large in my opinion, the smaller have better flavor. But what the hey. Will grate most of it for baking zucchini bread this winter. Another favorite is stuffed zucchini, cut the zucchini in half, core out the meat of the zucchini, mix the zucchini with stuffing, sausage (or ground beef), onion, tomato, stuff all back into the zucchini and bake. Dad also has a zucchini casserole recipe he loves to make so plan on passing on a few his way.

One more day...the Shetland sheep will be arriving. Like a child at Christmas I am.
I can barely stand the wait.
The girls and pups started carrying on early yesterday morning. I went out to see what all the commotion was about. A stray dog. Not good. I allowed the dogs to do what they do best, bark, howl and charge the animal. The stray seemed to be hesitant to come any closer. Our dogs weren't sure actually if they wanted to befriend the dog or if they should run it off. I shouted in my most growly voice, GET OUT OF HERE! That's all it took and the stray was high tailing it out of here with our motley crew hot on its heels.
Yesterday afternoon I had went up to check the mail, I came upon the stray sunning, laying in the road. The sound of the truck startled it. He jumped up to run into the woods. The poor thing had a collar on, was limping and looked very, very sad. Either he is lost, someone dumped him or well I don't know. No one around here has a dog like that.
Between our house (at the end of the access road, in a culdesac) and the main road is another house. Those are new neighbors with little dogs. I don't know them yet. They may have tried to run the stray off also. A mile up the access road where it meets the main road is another house. They shoot strays. Sad but true. The stray maybe trapped with no way out to find his way home.
When the better half gets home, he will try to collect the stray and take it to the Humane Society.


Anonymous said...

It has started feeling like Fall here too!

Grammy said...

I am so glad to here you are going to take him to a shelter. It is sad that some people do dump wonderful animals. And maybe he is just lost. Thank you for helping him.