October 21, 2008

Barn Journal

Saturday evening we were reminiscing over the past years on the farm. Realizing how things had changed so over the years. I pulled out my journal I have kept of our experiences to compare "then" and "now".
I found an entry from Oct. 2003 I thought I would share.

This weekend the better half was home, being an over the road trucker he tries to come in as close to kidding time as possible. One reason being I am a faint if I see blood, panic if anything gets a boo-boo type woman. And kidding is harder on me than the goats. Ok, not really but you get the idea. I think I am getting so much better as time goes on.
Thinking this was the weekend things could start popping he decided to be here.
While I was busy with daily chores and routine activities, Jim was concentrating on his never-ending "Honey Do List". Knowing he was home his mother and sister came out for a little assistance in car repairs. Our closest neighbors (a mile away) saw Jim's truck coming in the night before and dropped by unexpectedly to visit. All the activities and unexpected guest throw me in a tizzy and I start to rush through chores to finish up quickly in order to spend some time with our guests.
Rushing by the kidding pens (we put expectant mothers in 4x5 stalls with 16 foot runs) I saw Inga a first time mom- to -be curled up with something black laying next to her hind legs. I heard this little noise coming from the black lump.
Not wearing my glasses (you just might as well hang it up on seeing anything but what is an arm length away) I think to myself, oh my Inga is having her babies, she's not moving, she's having problems... what to do... what to do! Panic mode sets in. Instead of calmly opening the gate, walking in to look, I yell in front of God and everyone.... Jim, come here quick! Jim, Inga is having...as the words were coming out of my mouth, one of our free range chickens stood up and walked away from the back of Inga's legs.
I look up, see the herd of unexpected guests and Jim trotting down the hill at about the same time I said...a chicken.

Stopping dead in their paths, I heard someone say "What did she say?".
Laughing hysterically Jim says call me when she has a goat!

Oct. 31, Halloween 2003
Inga kidded. Surprisingly and thankfully L (my goat mentor) was here just to visit. L sat beside Inga, held the little hooves and nose as the twins (Magic & Merlin) came into the world. She helped clean them, clipped and dipped the cords, made sure they were nursing and seem to have enjoyed every single second of the unexpected delivery.
I called Jim and told him Inga had 2 goats.


City Mouse said...

Awesome story! I imagine that as much as I'm able to read about kidding and watch videos, I will feel much the same the first time around. It's kind of helpful to be reminded that *everyone* had it rough the first time.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this!

DayPhoto said...

Thank you for sharing. Isn't life just one great adventure!


Peggy said...

I love your blog! Its almost like reading the blog of someone that lives at my house. LOL With my hubby a over the road trucker we try to schedule his time home to help with kidding. I am lucky with being a lab tech for 25 yrs I can handle the blood but sometimes have a problem if a hoof is lodged. I have put you in my favorites and will be back often!!

JK said...

Thanks ladies :)
It is truly an amazing site, to see a baby goat just a few minutes old, up standing, attempting to walk and nursing. They are so precious.
Though have to say kidding is the most stressful time for me on the farm.