October 14, 2008

A Two Mile Walk In The Country

A mile to the mail box, a mile back, if I walked it daily I would be fit and trim. Which I don't and I am not. I've walked the two mile hike maybe 4 times. Once when the pigs got loose and I had to round them back up and herd them home. The other times when for some odd reason I felt energetic, full of vim and vigor. That rarely occurs. During the summer I walk half way up and back to the blackberry patches quite a few times. But not the full 2 mile course.

Heading out and up our access road.

Stopping to get the mail, looking left. You can't really see them, but one of the neighbors horses are at the fence line on the opposite side of the road. That's our nice neighbors field. We use to buy hay from him.
Now we are coming back down the road towards the farm, about a half mile in, we are close to the property line of our "not so nice neighbor" on the right. The No Trespassing sign is the marker.
And the color purple...trees, poles, posts...anything he could... he painted purple. There is a MO statute that says that any person trespassing onto property marked by purple paint can be found guilty of a first-degree trespassing charge.
As long as I stay on the road, we are safe. Just can't step off very far or will venture past the 20 ft. easement. Wouldn't want to do that now would we.
I love the splashes of red. In a week or two the colors should be more vibrant.
We are about home. Around the curve up there.


Jennifer said...

Nice pictures! I was told the purple paint means "no hunting"? I didn't know about the 1st degree tresspassing thing. I have to admit I bought some purple paint for our posts...I get tired of trespassing hunters this time of year that leave their beer cans behind. I don't have any issue with hunting, Jamey's responsible and careful friend does hunt here, but I just wish these others would have enough respect to ask.

Anonymous said...

What a nice walk, I love walking down to our pond and back which is the rest of our 20 acres, we have 3 acres fenced off though but I don't like walking in the winter time though.

DayPhoto said...

What a beautiful walk! My road just isn't that neat, but you did give me a good idea for my blog. I will walk to the mailbox and let you see what I see.

We don't have the purple paint rule in Colorado, but we do have to post if they are not to hunt. Hunters are distructive as they leave open gates, break down fences, trample the corn.... otherwise they could hunt, but I think not.

By the way, would you let me link your blog to my blog?


JK said...

Thanks :)

Jennifer, I thought purple meant no hunting also...but it seems to mean much more here in MO, you might check your state laws to see.

Dayphoto,you are more than welcome to link to the blog. Thanks!

DayPhoto said...

I have linked your blog to mine. I have found this blogging thing just so much fun...like have pen pals.