November 3, 2008

Happy November

The view from the front porch on Saturday...

Saturday was the last day any critter will be wandering to the front porch to visit. We finally finished the fencing and gate to keep all confined behind the house and out of our so called front yard. Not that I minded their visits or the sweet faces greeting me each morning upon opening the door. What I did and do mind are the little surprise packages left on the stoop, ramp or in the yard. Kinda like walking through a mine field.

Here's an old photo I thought I would share ...
Our first flock of sheep, it was small, 7 total. 6 ewes, 1 ram. The ewes were mainly Polypay, with a couple of mix breeds. I loved the look of our registered Suffolk ram Sampson, black face and legs, white fleece. Hated his personality and disposition.
The Polypays are a relatively newer breed, bred for both fleece and meat. They were easy keepers, though had issues at lambing(prolaspe) which resulted in our decision to sell the flock.

We made a trip out to the better half's family farm on Saturday morning hoping to harvest pears and persimmons. The old pear trees had been picked clean I am assuming by neighbors. The persimmon tree was loaded with ripe fruit. Brought home about 10 lbs. enough to make into jelly or jam maybe even a pie or two.

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