October 8, 2008

Wooly Boys Day 5

The wooly boys seem to be settling in fine, each day we make progress. They come running each morning to see what "New Mom" has for them. Actually anytime I am near their pen they come to check things out. I think they are hoping for a cookie.
Sarah Beth (dairy goat) has her own way of saying hello. She seems to want them to know that it is her farm and she can scratch on whatever fence she wants. The boys aren't really phased by her or her horns.
They do keep an eye out to make sure she will not intrude on their morning meal. As long as there is a fence between them they seem to have no worries.
Kirby still prefers to keep this end towards and a bit of distance between him and New Mom. Aberdeen not being so contrary as time goes on.
Angus loves to be scratched on his chest. He gets a far away look in his eyes, his lids start getting heavy, if I kept scratching long enough I do believe he would fall asleep.
Not many photos of Baa Baa black sheep this morning. Kelly and Angus were having a little brewhaha about something... headbutting. I noticed one of Kelly's horn scurs missing. There were a few droplets of blood, I attempted to catch him to clean and dress it, he wasn't going to have anything to do with me after that.
I do believe in a couple of weeks all will be fine. They should be able to be turned out on pasture with no problems.

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