October 22, 2008

Bottle Baby Pics

These are a few of the bottle babies from last year. All but the Sundance Kid have moved to new farms.
The Sundance Kid helping with dishes.
Holly napping in the rocker.
Merrygold and Whitey, newborns in their playpen.
Merrygold waiting for bottle.
This & That
Thought I would change things up a bit on the blog, different template, maybe change photos. Wanted to add a bit of color and warmth for the fall and winter. Dunno for sure right now, we will see where this goes.
I was so impressed by the wooly boys yesterday afternoon! Have been working on a daily routine of feeding them in the morning, then turning them out to graze during the day, about 5 or 6 putting them back up in their holding pen for the night. Yesterday, I went out to put them up, they were already in their pen, just kicked back relaxing and chewing their cud. They have only been in training since Saturday. Who says sheep aren't smart!
My baby boy is coming home for a visit! Happy, happy, joy, joy! For a week at Thanksgiving!


City Mouse said...

The pic of Merrygold peeking in the door is priceless! The new template (and always the pics) are great.

DayPhoto said...

This is just wonderful! I wish my daughter had a computer she would LOVE this post!


Anonymous said...

Aren't bottle babies the sweetest?!


JK said...

Thanks :)
I love our bottle babies. They are such a joy in life.