January 25, 2010

One Day Closer To Spring

The last few days have been just lovely here. Warmed up nicely. I hear winter temps are creeping their way back in. Forecast for later this week...snow, rain, sleet...hopefully it won't be bad.

Here are a few photos of the critters after the last snow we had.

Jackdaw - Such a handsome face!

Selena posing.

Jackdaw and his girls.
Pitty Pat, Scarlett, Jackdaw and Selena.
Scarlett and Pitty Pat feeling frisky.
The Angoras and Shetland boys doing what they do best...eating.
Kirby one of the Shetland wethers, another precious face.
Below are the dairy and pet goats.
The red head on the corner is Annie(pet), across from Annie is Maybelle(in line to be a milker). Maybelle is next to her Grandmother Barb(dairy). Monte (pet) the overgrown suppose to be Pygmy is next to Barb. Rear view is of Buffy (SA Boer pet). Joining in at the feed trough is No-Toes one of our roosters.

It's tax prep time. Guess what I will be busy with this week.