October 5, 2008

Sheep Meet Day 1

I couldn't wait to spend a bit of time getting to know my Wooly Boys! So while the better half went out to the shop to work on cars, trucks and other man stuff. I took a little step stool into the holding pen and sat with the boys.

I do believe in just a few hours of being their own little flock, the chain of command has been established. Angus is the boss. He actually is the largest of all 4 boys. He is the brave one of the group, first to reach out for cookies, petting or just to check things out. He touched noses with one of the GP pups and Hannah (who will be their assigned guardian dog) through the fence. He stood up to and butted horns with Sarah Beth, the free to roam the farm dairy goat. This head on collision was through the fence, none the less, it was a big step for a little guy. He was also first to come and see what new mom had in her hands and why she had planted herself in their pen. He doesn't mind getting up close and personal at all.

Aberdeen has stepped into 2nd fiddle position. Being related to and having the big strong brut of the group as a brother has it's perks I imagine. If Aberdeen had his way, Angus would be attached to his hip. He never leaves Angus' side. He does put on a good mean front, even though I think it is all show and no go, he trys to make you think he is going to ram or head butt you. He tucks his chin down like in this photo and gets what I'll call his Don't Touch Me look. He squints his eyes a bit to appear evil and mean. If Angus would move, imagine big bad Aberdeen would be running for the hills. Kelly, baa baa black sheep, who didn't care to be photographed during this meet and greet (was off eating hay) is the 3rd in command. He smacks back if Angus or Aberdeen try to throw their weight around, doesn't seem to take any guff off of anyone. Kelly seems to be quite content letting someone else take charge.

Lastly, there is delicate little Kirby. He runs for who or whatever is close, normally Angus, so he can duck and cover. He is the smallest of the four and I think the youngest of the group. He and Kelly seem to have bonded as friends, they will nap, eat and hang out together, though Angus seems to be Kirby's choice of protector.

Day 1 went really well. Angus seems to be smitten with new mom so the others are soon to follow suit.


Juri said...

I just thought I would leave a note to tell you that I stopped by and read some of your posts...what a great blog, I have enjoyed every moment of reading....and now I am thinking I want some sheep!!!


Jennifer said...

Your new sheep sure are pretty!

JK said...

Thank you Juri and Jennifer!