October 30, 2008

Out With The Goats

Woke to a frosty cold morning, 21º. Had a nice afternoon warming to 66. Deciding to take advantage of maybe one of the last warm afternoons for a "baby walk". Took most of the goats out for a walk about.

On the way back Camel decides she wants to play king of the mountain (dog house)

Bella decides she is king, well queen of the mountain. I can see the look in her eyes...

and the fight is on.

Being able to blog has been causing me a bit of grief lately. Dunno what's up with not being able to see the photos I upload, linking sites isn't working, even when I sign in it says I don't have the cookies. I also noticed my list of blog I follow isn't updating as others post new blogs. Humm.


City Mouse said...

Bella is just beautiful! They are all gorgeous, but Bella is super cool! WHat beautiful goats.

Nancy K. said...

My favorite is the photo of the goats walking in the woods. They look so HAPPY! ;-)

It looks like your blog roll is up to date to me. Thanks for linking to me!

Goody said...

The cookies thing used to happen to me quite a bit (less since i switched browsers). For me, hitting the back button always seemed to do the trick. You can also try loading up the page and logging in from the top right where it says sign in.

I've been using blogger since 2003 and find it utterly frustrating. I've kept the cooking blog here because it would be a pain to import all the photos to Blogsome.com (where I have my other non-cooking blog)but really, I'm very close to doing it anyway because their blog hosting is so superior.

DayPhoto said...

What a cute group of 'kids'! My oldest daughter would love your life. She is finally home from the big city and has plans to get two goats this spring.


JK said...

Thanks City Mouse, Bella is one of my favorites also.

Thanks Nancy. Thank you for linking to me! :)

Thanks Goody, the back button worked!

Thanks Linda, I hope your daughter enjoys her goats as much as we do.