February 2, 2010

Breeding Groups and Spoiled Goats

After the recent loss of my computer, I am finding it to my benefit to keep information stored in various places. So I am adding the breeding groups to the blog.

Angora Goats

Buck- The Sundance Kid, fleece -black
Does- Bella Mia, fleece - black
Bonnie Lass, fleece - white

Buck - Jacob's Chance, fleece -white
Does - Fairchild, fleece - white (Bonnie's daughter)
Aurora, fleece - white (Bella's daughter) color carrier

Sheep (to lamb in April)
Ram - Jackdaw, Shetland
Ewe - Pitty Patty, St. Croix cross
Scarlett, St. Croix cross
Selena, Shetland (may or may not be bred)

At this time no plans to breed dairy or pet goats.

I blame it on myself... for raising picky, spoiled goats and sheep. We have been feeding all alfalfa/orchard grass mix hay. Our supplier ran out of this hay so we had to sub a orchard grass brome mix for a short time until we found more alfalfa. Would you believe that they actually refused to eat it for 2 days. Yep, they chose to go hungry, not really hungry hungry. They had their oats and feed.
There was positively, absolutely, nothing wrong with the hay. It was a pretty green and smelled really good to me. Though to them you would have thought I was feeding straw. No, wait... I take that back, I have seen some of the goats eat the fresh straw I put in their shelters.
It took a couple of days for them to realize Mom was not bringing out any of the other so they started eating it.

The chickens have began laying again! Found 4 today, 1 yesterday. You do not know how it irks me to have to buy eggs.

If anyone local would be interested in a Great Pryenees pup, one of our girls decided to take breeding into her own hands with the neighbors GP. We'll have pups in a couple of months - free to good homes.