March 6, 2009

Throw Open the Windows

Our weather is simply gorgeous!

Be Green - Line Dry :-)

On The Calendar for March
Watch the weather
Start spring clean up - cut downed trees that fell during winter storms off of fence line, mend fence.
Start garden plants from seed
Begin shearing, yearly vaccinations and hoof trimming
Add new piglets and poultry


Mary @ Annie's Goat Hill said...

Our wind is roaring today, March winds! :)

I need to hang clothes out. I can smell the linens now!

Nancy K. said...

I not only 'threw open the windows' ~ I OPENED THE DOORS!!

One of the advantages of keeping my thermostat at 50 all winter ~ I can open the house up when it's only 50 degrees outside! I'm hoping we get some sunshine, this afternoon. It's pretty dreary looking now.

I'm heading out to trim feet and pick burrs out of neck fleeces....

Jennifer said...

The weather has been beautiful! I love the smell of clothes dried outside on the line.

DayPhoto said...

WONDERFUL! I loved this post! I loved the colors and the spring feeling in the air.

As and FYI I linedry all my clothes.


~~~~~~Tonia said...

I think you are close to me!! Did you have an Appliance man out to your house from Jacobsens in town?? If so then I have used some of your soap!(he is a friend of ours) If it is you Well great stuff!! I live not to far from the Humane society on a 50 acre farm. You amy no tbe the same person nut You are close to me if you are at Prosperine. I would have emailed instead of a public comment. I have an email on my site. Now that I am probably just sounding like a crazy person posting on your blog.LOL Have a beautiful windy Missouri spring day!!

JK said...

Hi Tonia, yes that's me :-) Nice to see you stopping to visit. Thanks for the compliment on my soap, glad you liked them.

~~~~~~Tonia said...

I apologize for all my typos Obviously I was not paying attention to my typing!! The coffee soap was a cool idea!! So glad to finally "meet" you!!