March 26, 2009

Shearing - Day 1- Angoras

Shearing diagram for the Angoras

We constructed a similar holding device for shearing the Angoras. It is actually an old picnic table that is waist high. The head piece is actually an old milk stand head gate bolted to the end. Nothing pretty but it works. It actually saves your back from the aching of bending over.
Aurora being sheared.

Aurora not so happy about being sheared.

Bella having touch ups around her face.

The better half did an excellant job. Not one nick or scratch on nary an animal.
All are sheared, had their yearly CDT vaccinations, hooves trimmed, de-wormed and Boss applied(lice preventative). The boys were checked for pizzle problems.

Sheep shearing is scheduled for this afternoon if all goes according to plan.

Follow Up on Lap Band Surgery
Not long ago I mentioned that the better half was checking into having the lap band surgery. The Dr. who treated him at the Emergency room (when he hurt his back awhile ago), stated he was a prime candidate.
He had his consultation appt. for the surgery to find out our insurance does not cover the surgery. So as much as he may need or want the surgery. He will not have the surgery. He refuses to go roughly $20,000 into debt. Well and to be perfectly honest we can't afford for him to go that far into debt for weight loss surgery.


Nancy K. said...

It looks like your hubby did a wonderful job shearing those beautiful Angoras. They have just got to be the cutest creatures ever put on this Earth...

What do you do with their fiber?

I hope your hubby is able to find a way to lose weight without surgery. I'm working on that myself. It's awfully hard to change one's eating habits though...

Tammy said...

Wow, great job on the shearing! It's not looking good for shearing here on Saturday. I'm still praying for a miracle!:-) But the sheepies have to stay dry and it's suppose to rain Friday and snow Saturday. If it doesn't happen, I may have to hand shear a few just to see what is going on with them (see if they are preggers). Do you have any pictures of your 'shearing stand'? Would be interested in seeing that. How did it go with the boys? (Sorry to hear that the stinking insurance isn't going to cover his surgery. What a bummer)

ChristyACB said...

What a couple of good looking babes after their shearing! What do you do with the fiber?

Sorry to hear about the insurance. I love how they won't pay for things to lose weight, but complain their premiums are high because people need expensive treatments for preventable diseases caused by obesity. What a bunch of chuckleheads...

Hope he finds a way that helps him to do it on his own.

Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

dang insurance company

DayPhoto said...

I have lost 18 pounds! WOO HOO, and I did it by not trying. My husband has just been diagnosed with celiac's disease which means absolutely no gluten. But I still have 40 more pounds to go. After really watching HOW I eat, I am going to remove my candy (sob) eating and see if that helps.

Now I am not saying this will work for your husband, but it has worked for me and losing weight for me was awful.

It is just a thought, because he is probably active enough, the food itself has to change.

Now I am wondering if this is sounding like a lecture...please forgive me if it does. I am just excited for myself and thought it might work for other people.


Jennifer said...

Neat diagram. I am sure the angoras will be happy once the weather gets hot! Sorry to hear about the insurance company. I agree with Christy!

Goody said...

Don't know if this would help in your situation, but if you could get your doctor to write a detailed letter to the insurance company explaining it is NOT an elective surgery, but a necessary medical procedure, you might be able to get somewhere with the insurance company.

I know there are people who work as advocates on behalf of patients when dealing with insurance companies-they do charge a fee, but obviously nothing like twenty grand.

Sometimes you wonder what the heck you carry the policy for when they refuse to cover anything.

Good luck. And the Angoras look beautiful.