March 3, 2009

Feast to Famine Egg Supply

Bless their little hearts, the hens are back into the swing of things. Egg production is on the rise.
We allow our hens to go with the flow of nature...less daylight= less eggs. Winter is normally fresh eggless for us. I do freeze eggs(not in the shell) to carry us through the winter months.
A dozen a day now, ranging from small to large. Don't mind the small eggs one bit, after all they have the same nutrients. I even have a couple of customers who prefer the small eggs.
My favorites are the green eggs from my Araucanas. The color of the shell has no bearing on the quality of egg. Egg shells vary in color due to characteristic of the breed of chicken laying the egg.
I just love green eggs and ham :-)


Small Pines said...

Bless those hens, they must know Spring is coming! I've noticed the extra little bit of light were getting too. Glad they are back in action for you!

Claire said...

Our hens are really doing well too, with their egg production. Like you, my favorites are the blue/green ones. They're so pretty!

DayPhoto said...

Yeah for spring! I'll bet the girls are really happy too! It won't be long now for finding nice fat bugs and maybe a worm or two.


Dora Renee' Wilkerson said...

Mine are laying now too. My RIR were the last to stop and the first to start back up this year. They are my favorite (I only have one now because a dog got the rest of them.)
In the fall before your hens stop laying do you scramble your eggs and then put them in freezer bags for winter? I didn't do it last year but want to this year.

Dora Renee' Wilkerson

Tammy said...

Hmm...So when you freeze eggs, do you freeze them raw and then unthaw and use for baking? I go the natural route too,and let the hens take time off. Really there is only about six weeks of off time before they kick in again. The only drawback is it is usually at the height of Christmas if I could freeze some.....

JK said...

I have had good luck with freezing separated egg whites and whole eggs (not in shell). Haven't had good luck freezing just the yolks, they get really rubbery when thawed, hard to blend into a recipe.

I blend the whole eggs, pour in freezer containers, usually write the number of eggs frozen in each on freezer container.

I have read that if you blend salt or sugar with the yolks they will freeze much better. Haven't tried it yet.

Ilene Lollis said...

My favorite are the green/blue ones too. I think they taste the best, of course it could be the pretty egg shells just make me smile and raise my happiness level.