March 16, 2009

My Beautiful Boys

We had hoped to shear this past weekend. Didn't happen, the fires popping up changed our plans.
I can't wait to get the boys sheared. They are big fluff, puff balls. With the weather starting to warm up I know they will increasingly become more uncomfortable.


Kelly(black) & Kirby

Angus and Aberdeen checking out the milk room

Kelly & Kirby resting by the house

Angus scratching on the livestock racks

Gotta scratch the tail end a bit.

The Angoras are first on the shearing schedule, especially Bella. She is expanding through her mid section. Could be she just gained a tad bit of weight over the winter months.


DayPhoto said...

Those are some handsome dudes! You are right, they are BEAUTIFUL!!


Anonymous said...

They are gorgeous..Can't wait to see the difference after shearing;)

~~~~~~Tonia said...

We went driving out your way yesterday and saw the burned areas and we have seen smoke all day to day!! Its that time of year....