March 31, 2009

Goat Milk Soap

Update - Thanks to all for their interest in the soaps. However all soaps have been sold. Thank you so much Cathy.

Like many that raise dairy goats, I make goat milk soap. I have been crafting soap for a few years, originally just for our own personal use. I then gave family and friends samples to try. We had a good response with many requests for more.
Sister loved my soaps. She loved them so much she decided to add soaps and such to her product line. What product line you might ask, she has a cottage business creating and selling handcrafted items such as clothing (peasant shirts and skirts), bags, purses, quilts, pillows, jewelry, etc. sold on line and on a craft vending circuit.
I was game for the idea so I made lots of soaps and bath salts. She then added handcrafted lotions, sprays, lip and healing balms and sugar scrubs to match the soap scents.
Sister did all the work on the sales end, she traveled, advertised and hobnobbed with the customers (she is a people person where I am a homebody). My contribution was just to make soaps. Although when sister had a vending event close to the farm I would go with her to help.

Recently sister has taken ill. Having appointments at the Mayo Clinic ill.

So she is closing up shop. She is not happy having to do so and will continue to craft things as she feels up to it for her regular customers.

After loading up the family and stocking up the farm with soap we have a few bars remaining. 22 bars to be exact. Different scents made from my signature goat milk soap recipe I inherited from my late grandmother. I normally don’t advertise any products from the farm on the blog, but thought this one time I would in case anyone might be interested.

The bars are 3.5 – 4 ounces in size. Made by the cold process method and chocked full of good things for your skin. Ingredients are saponified oils of soy and coconut, goat milk, water, shea butter, fragrance or essential oils. Other natural ingredients used include honey, colloidal oatmeal and coffee grounds.

The remaining scents are listed below, the number of bars available in that scent are in (parentheses).

Apple Jack (2) Apple, cinnamon and clove scent
Berry Bliss (3) Blackberry, raspberry, musk and vanilla scent
Coffee Scrub (2) The same pure and natural goat milk soap with coffee grinds. The coffee absorbs odor as well as removes the dirt and grime.
Grandma's Recipe (1) Unscented plain old fashion goat milk soap
Honey Almond (2) A touch of honey with a sweet almond scent, dusted with colloidal oatmeal.
Honey Oatmeal (4) Unscented with added honey & colloidal oatmeal.
Mountain Breeze (3) Fresh, woody, earthy masculine scent. Made with Fir and Cedar essential oils.
Patchouli (1) Fragrance of Patchouli
Red Clay & Citrus (3) Tangy and fresh, this is a great summer soap scent. Contains a citrus fusion of Orange, Grapefruit, Sweet Orange Essential Oils and red clay.
Sandalwood (1) Fragrance of Sandalwood

If you would like more information on the scents and ingredients please do not hesitate to ask.
The soaps normally sell for $4.50 per bar. Since we are closing up shop I will sell the soaps individually for $3.00 a bar. Buyer to pay postage.
If you are interested in buying all 22 bars make a reasonable offer and I will throw in the remaining bath salts we have at no charge. I would consider barter. For anyone local I would even consider trading all 22 bars and bath salts for a couple of lambs.


barefootchef said...

So sorry to hear about your sister, Jama. I hope it is something that can be addressed. I have sent you a private email about the soaps.

Nancy K. said...

I would be happy to purchase all of the soap you have! Do you accept PayPal? Just let me know how to go about it....

JK said...

Thank you both for your interest in the soaps :-)
Went on first come first serve basis... Thank you Barefootchef for buying all 22 bars.

Mary @ Annie's Goat Hill said...

Jama, I am terribly sorry to read about your sister. Know that she is in my prayers.

ChristyACB said...

Oh darn that they are sold out! And double darn that your sister is ill. She has my very best wishes for her fast recovery.

And, uh, if you ever get anymore soap..can you give us all a holler?

DayPhoto said...

I am hoping all things become fixable with your sister. I understand how stressful having someone you love very ill. My prayers are with both of you and your families.


Small Pines said...

Well, if you ever start up some more batches, and anyone has any question about how good they are - I have a whole huge blog post already written about them for Friday. You clearly didn't need help selling them! LOL Seriously though - These are the best cold process I have ever tried. And I am a serious aficionado. Best wishes and all good thoughts for your sister. I'll be thinking of her.

JK said...

Thank you all for the kind words and well wishes for Sister.

Small Pines, I am so glad you enjoyed the soaps.