March 20, 2009

Spring Begins

I remember wishing the days of winter away, looking forward to spring. It's been lovely weather the last few days, highs in the 60's lows in the 40's. However this morning, the first day of spring it was 30 degrees. Go figure.

Around the farm this morning...
Buffy relaxing while the boys are out and about playing
Hammer seeing what was going on at the front door

Anvil not too far behind Hammer.

For Jacob's Chance
a short nap

and as you can tell it is definitely time for spring shearing.

Hope everyone has a wonderful first day of spring.


ChristyACB said...

Oh, he is just adorable with that long shaggy hair! Too cute!

Hammer and Anvil are just a couple of handsome little guys but they sure do have mischevious looks on their faces!

JK said...

Christy I love the way the Angoras look in full coat too!

Buffy's two boys are cuties for sure, makes it hard not to want to get attached to them. They are leaving soon. Can't keep them.

DayPhoto said...

Oh! Wonderful and week with your hubby, and the carder and who knows what else!


Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

our weather is all over the place and everybody is sick including me.