March 19, 2009

Spring & Rain

Seems like over night our old wild cherry tree blooms
adorned from top to bottom with beautiful white blossoms

It rained, really rained overnight. A good old fashioned spring rain downpour with thunder and lightning. The fires all should be out.


DayPhoto said...

OH! AHHHHHHHHHH! Thank you, in a month or so I hope to post photos of our trees! Wonderful. Lovely, Sigh.


Tammy said...

Glad to hear all is well there. I was concerned last night when the wind was so fierce and I heard that fires were still around your area. I was going to call you and tell you (or email) you to let you know if you needed any help in case of evacuation, let me know. (However being memory challenged I totally forgot..ugh). Anyhoo....Hopefully the fires are out, but should you ever need anything like that, I have a crate that hauls four shetland size animals and would be there if you needed it.
Take care,

Small Pines said...

WOW! That IS an explosion of blooms! Even though it remains kind of sparse, the beginning of Spring is one of my favorite times. "Such promise in the air," and all that rot. We've got a month, at least. Hope the fires are duly managed.

JK said...

Linda spring will hopefully be blooming for you too. The Cherry tree is always the first sign for us. :-)

Thank you so much Tammy (hugs) I told Jim we needed to establish an evac plan so if it was ever needed, it would not be a challenge to move everyone. Our livestock rack should move everyone in 1 trip (if not could put the extras in the back seat of the pick up LOL done it before). It would be a tight fit, but should work. Thank you so so much for thinking of us!

JK said...

Thanks Phill, the fires are thankfully over and out! It's beautiful outside. Spring has almost sprung ;-) Oh, I haven't forgotten either, your package should be going out the first of the week.

~~~~~~Tonia said...

I barely even woke up last night when I heard it raining. I was like ahhh yeah rain and rolled over and kept sleeping. Wild Plum and Redbud will be next!! Yeah Spring!!!