March 23, 2009

Oldie But Goodie

The tractor a FarmAll H, made in I think 1952... ahh well maybe a 53. Anyways just three or four years older than I am. Use to be frequently in need of repairs before each use though believe the guys have gotten it up and running pretty smoothly now. They have spent the last three weekends the better half was home working on the thing to prepare for spring use. Mechanics and farm equipment are not my thing. Don't know how to operate or care to know how to operate them. Just know the ole' girl still works and gets the job done.
The guys come in fussing about parts and pieces needing replaced, I just nodd my head and pretend as if I do understand and acknowledge their complaints. Usually just hand over the check book and say be careful as they head out the door to town.

It's bush hog and tilling time.


DayPhoto said...

That's a cool tractor! They call them Vintage, and/or classic, or antique. Yours is a classic.

We still use all of ours and we have vintage and classic.


Jennifer said...

Neat tractor!

~~~~~~Tonia said...

It reminds me of my dads tractor. he had to sell this past winter. It was really tough to because it had been my Great-grandpas and then my grandpa brought it home from Illinois when my Grt-Grandma passed away and he gave it to my dad. It was a Farmall 1950-something. My Grt-Grandpa had bought it brand new. We were sad to see it go but it couldnt be helped...

Goody said...

Ohh, a Farmall! Neat..

Our neighbour has one (a bit older, I think). Whenever he takes it out to work, Danny comes running for me so I can see it too, because...well, Farmalls have a pretty loyal following among small children (I think it is because they look like pictures in classic "children's books). Think about it, in The Animals Of Farmer Jones", he sure isn't riding a closed-cab, air conditioned, Belarus ;)