August 24, 2008

New Baby Chicks

I found a mama hen and her new brood of 10 chicks hidden in the back of one of the goat shelters. I gathered the group up (against the hens wishes) and moved them to the chick pen. The chick pen is a rustic built cage covered in chicken wire, large enough to hold a small pet carrier, water and feed. They will stay in the chick pen until they are large enough the peafowl won’t eat them. You wouldn’t think the peacocks would eat baby chicks, but they do.

This little hen is a good mama. She's meaner than snot, protecting her babies. That is one reason the photos are outside looking into the pen. She attacks whenever I open the door.

The chicks are various colors. Hoping most will be hens.

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Anonymous said...

Too cute! We have baby ducklings wandering around here.