August 2, 2008

Muck Boots

Day 10 and all systems are beginning to return to normal. For most I don’t believe would take as long to recover from this intestinal bug, but when you push yourself to the limit, it takes a bit longer to bounce back.
There is no one but me, ill or not, to feed, milk, do the daily routine of animal care – regardless of how the head is spinning, the stomach aching or the intestines roaring, I care for the critters. They were too busy wolfing down their ration and bleating for their alfalfa to notice their ever faithful feed bucket was stooped over in pain, feeling faint from a fever and ready to toss her cookies at any given moment.

Farm Fashion or Farm Fashion Felony
This year’s latest farm fashion in mud/muck boots

Last year for Christmas, my parents gave me a pair of black and white polka dot mud boots. I was elated to receive them. Thought they were cute. Mud boots, muck boots, work boots, all are a part of farm fashion basics so absolutely I was happy to have a functional thoughtful present. The downfall - the cutesy bootsy didn’t last long. Obviously city slicker boots are not made to withstand the rough and stumble of a barnyard. On their last visit, the family noticed that Polka dots were not adorning my feet. Not too long after, Sister calls and says be expecting a package. She wouldn’t even give me a hint as to the contents. Yeppers, I was definitely surprised when I opened the package.

I believe the family is finding humor in farm fashion.

Guess the goats really won’t care if the feet are pink plaid or polka dot.

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Anonymous said...

I have seen some really cute ones for kids at TSC that are a horse and cow and I have seen some nice ones for adults too, glad you are starting to feel better!