August 31, 2008

CheeseMaking 101

I am making cheese over the coarse of the next couple of days. If you are interested I’ll be adding information as I work.

First on my list to make is my Easy Chevre Cheese.

Supplies You Will Need
Double boiler - (I use a pan inside a pot) to heat and create the cheese in.
Thermometer - To keep eye on temperature.
Milk – I use our raw goat milk.
Culture – I use direct set cultures purchased from New England Cheese
A ladle – I picked one up from a local kitchen store
Cheesecloth – available at Walmart, farm store or cheese supply company
Colander - most have one in their kitchen.

Pan/Bowl to put inside dutch oven/pot. It holds a gallon of milk nicely.

My dutch oven




Due to either to my lack of computer skills or blogger resisting my efforts in adding photos and more information ... to be continued.

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