August 19, 2008

Another Fall Project

Here's the canvas, our 500 gallon propane tank. Would like to paint it. There are no restrictions, we own it. It use to be silver with a blue lid. There's a bit of red showing on the lid, imagine from the original manufacturer colors.

Have seen similar tanks painted as cows, you know the black and white splotches like Holstein cows. Here are a couple photos of a propane pig and the other photo is truly creative, the propane submarine.

Sister(the artist in the family) thinks we could do a landscape, our farm logo, even possibly a farm mural. I think a goat would be nice.

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Anonymous said...

How cool, my Mom is the artist in the family, she taught Art to highschool aged kids and she also taught deaf to the deaf school in Columbus,Ohio- she can still teach if she wanted to since she still has her teaching license.