August 29, 2008

A Blogger In Real Life

Just as everyone else, I have a few blogs I follow. Those bloggers have blogs they follow. Occasionally I will click on one of the links in my favorite’s list of favorites. (I noticed Blogger is going to have a new thing we can add on about the blogs we follow. Pretty nifty I think.)

I don’t personally know many who blog, have never met any of the folks whose blogs I follow. About as close as I have come to personally knowing another Blogger is corresponding with Barefoot on and off over the last 5 years or so via email and through goat care lists. Though I have never met her in person (would love to some day).

Any hoo, a couple of my favorites shared a favorite blog in their lists. Unfamiliar with the blog, I thought I would visit. I was reading a few of the blog entries, looking at the photos, when a light bulb went off in my head. I recognized a place in a couple of her photos. I read on and realized I had actually spoken to this person. Goes to show it is a small world. I will be seeing this Blogger at the up coming Celtic event. I wonder how surprised she would be if I tell her I read her blog.

Looking at the calendar, beginning to prepare for winter, I realized it is almost shearing time again. Not sure if it has been due to the extreme heat of the summer months or my lack of energy that deterred me from working with the fleeces. I find I have sacks of fiber stashed yet again. I need to get on the ball and decide what to do with it. We are adding roving and a couple of fleeces to the vending tent this year. I hope that at least the roving will sell. Roving is fiber that has been washed and carded into a "rope like" form and is used for spinning, felting, knitting or weaving, well any fiber crafts. This roving is Angora, which is so soft and perfect for spinning yarn or blending. I had been holding on to it for the better half to spin. Since he has been traveling 2 – 3 weeks at a time, spinning is the last thing on his mind.

I started investigating the possibility and cost of sending our raw fleece off to be processed at a mill or to an individual who does the work (wash, card, spin) professionally. Not sure that it would be cost effective for us. A bit too pricey for our wallet. I did find something to do with some of the fleece that we think would be useful and surprisingly not too expensive.

Check out

Click on the mattress pads and pillows link. We like the idea of our own mattress and pillows from our own fiber.


Anonymous said...

That's neat! I read your blog alot and barefoot's and prairiewolf's too.

~*~Amy Goatress~*~

Anonymous said...

Hey I have been to Frankenmuth Wool Mill before, it has been probably 10-15 years ago though!