August 12, 2008

Good Morning From Prosperine

And a beautiful morning it is here on the farm. These are the days I enjoy being out and about early. The cool, quiet, calm mornings that I wouldn't trade for anything. You can hear the oldest roosters crowing about 4:30, the sun begins to peek over the fields about 6. Stepping out on the porch being careful not to bang the door closed, you listen...all you hear is the faint music from a wind chime dancing with the light morning breeze, not a sound from any animal. No maaaaaing from the goats, oinking or grunting from the pigs, dogs fast asleep from their night of patrol, peacocks and chickens quietly perched on their roosts and in the trees. If you are quiet, you can tip toe down the back steps, with morning beverage of choice in hand, slowly cross the yard to the wooden bench where you can sit and wake up with the farm.
Sarah Beth munching after morning milking.

Homer, Lorek and Tango the GP pups enjoying their morning meal.

Axle coming up for breakfast

Cookie scratching her rear on a tree

Thumper the wild tame rabbit

Angoras eating their breakfast
Copper Top (big horned fella) not wanting to share. Note his standing in the trough, looking extremely put out that the others are ignoring him.


Anonymous said...

Nice pictures, it has been cooling off nicely here too and our Great Pyrenees are loving this weather!

barefootchef said...

Love seeing all of your crew. What a delightful place you have!