January 21, 2009

Weak Week

My get up and go has seemed to have got up and left.
Thankfully the better half was home while I was feeling my worst and a bit under the weather. Surprisingly he was actually home for a 3-day break, Sunday through Tuesday, leaving early this morning to go back out on the road.
Normally I would have been home alone and had to just grit my teeth, suffer through and handle everything regardless of how I felt. This time, being the good man that he is, he handled every single little thing while I stayed in my PJ’s, curled up under my favorite blanket on the couch dozing on and off.
I think the critters enjoy when he takes over the feeding and daily routine. Well all except Sarah Beth. She knows there is a different pair of hands milking her and has a tendency to be a bit reluctant to mind. She’ll get on the milk stand eagerly; stand quietly while eating her ration though when she is done eating she thinks you should be finished milking. She starts fidgeting, shifting her weight and stomping her feet trying to escape the stanchion. He has to really watch her feet during the last few minutes, she will think nothing of putting it in the milk pail.
He gives all a bit of extra feed, a few extra cookies and he will cut a branch off of the pine trees for them to snack on. Some of the goats have him so wrapped around their little hooves they know if they go stand by the fence and forlornly stare in the direction of the green branches just out of their reach he’ll go cut them one. He also lets one or two out to walk with him while he works out and about the farm.
I had baked a turkey Saturday, was planning on preparing one of his favorite dinner this weekend to celebrate his upcoming birthday. My being ill nipped that dinner in the bud. Actually having baked the turkey made meal prep much easier. He seemed to be quite content in making himself turkey sandwiches, chef salads with turkey and cheddar chunks, plus concocting some kind of open faced hot turkey sandwich with a baked potato one night. I on the other hand was extremely content with my orange juice, chicken noodle soup, crackers and 7 Up.
Even though he was home for 3 days, I didn’t see much of him. I think he purposely tried to stay away (I’m one of those who is best left alone while sick, so I can’t blame him). He stayed busy when not checking in on me. I remember he said our farm helper came out to help with some sort of project, he ran errands in town, went to the barbershop, worked on "man stuff" in his shop, trimmed 3 of the inside dogs toenails and went to help a neighbor with a sick goat. In the evenings he quietly sat and watched movies in between bottle feeding the kids and warming my soup. He’s a big western movie fan from way back and found a newer release called Appaloosa. I only remember bits and pieces but it looked like a half way decent movie.
Imagine wasn’t much of an enjoyable weekend for him. Bet he was glad to get back to work for some peace and quiet.


Joanna said...

Hope you're feeling better now and glad husband was home to help.

City Mouse said...

So sorry you've been down with the ick! But lovely that you had a bit of a break during it and were able to take a little bit of down time to get better. Best wishes for it!

Anonymous said...

Hope your feeling better soon and my what a good man you have;)

Shiloh Prairie Farm said...

Hope you are feeling better soon!

DayPhoto said...

I hope you are feeling better. Our pigs loved the willow branches and would snuffled and beg until Terry would cut them some. Oh my wonder of wonders..willow.

Get to feeling better!