January 16, 2009

Baby Pics

Sorry to say the camera battery has given out. So not many new photos of late. The first photo below is of one of the new kids born a couple of days ago. I don't diaper until their cords are dry. I keep them off the carpet and all else can be cleaned up easily.
One of the new babies checking things out

I find diapering the goat kids - boys are easier. I wrap the diaper around their middles to catch the flow. The berries are not difficult to sweep up or use the old handy dandy dust buster.
The Sundance Kid standing on the arm of the sofa in diaper

Merrygold & Brother in playpen

If the kids are out and about the house they have a diaper on. If they are in their play pens I put a puppy pee pad down, a blanket, sheet or other soft covering over the pad to absorb. I change their bedding in the play pen 3 or more times a day. Have a bit more laundry but I don't mind.

Sundance helping with the dishes

Holly napping in the rocker

Girls are a bit more difficult on the diapers, they have a tendency to purposely wiggle and walk out of them. It is also easy for them to turn their heads back and chew the connecting tabs off.
Once they reach a size where diapers do not fit, or the weather is nice enough they graduate to the screened in porch, then out to the kid pen.


Joanna said...

Thank you for the photo's and writeup. Do you use disposable diapers? I read that you wash the pads.

Nancy K. said...

They are SO cute!!! I've often thought I'd like to bring a sheep into the house ~ maybe, one day....

Anonymous said...

You have your house full and hands full, LOL!

Hot Belly Mama said...

haha! love the diapers and the cribs.

City Mouse said...

Just absolutely gorgeous and wonderful. You have some really terrific pics of them. Their coloring is really nice. Sweet babies!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely gorgeous!!

DayPhoto said...

How amazing! I have never had a goat in the house, although our oldest daughter always had a pet goat.

Those babies are adorable!


Grammy said...

They are so adorable.