January 23, 2009

Apron Strings

I have wonderful news to share, my son is moving home. He will be staying with us for a short time until he can get settled in the area and find a place of his own. I have begun cleaning out the spare bedroom, mainly the closet, preparing for his move home.

I use the closet to store seasonal clothing, extra canning jars, a few bags of fleece. I pulled out a couple of boxes to sort through, two were labeled summer clothes, one was not labeled. Thinking I still might find more summer clothes, I opened it. It held a pleasant surprise and walk down memory lane... treasured items that I had saved from my grandmothers. Not sure if you would call them retro or vintage, but I loved them back when they used them and still do now, hand embroidered Tea towels, table clothes, pillowcases; a sheet set with tatting on the edges and aprons.

I love aprons especially vintage aprons. I have been searching and collecting patterns for all sorts of aprons for quite awhile. Sister and Mother occasionally will surprise me with a new hand sewn addition to my collection.

Most of my vintage collection is of the fru-fru half apron style that my grandmothers wore, though my favorite is the below knee length full aprons with pockets, you know like the frontier women wore and pinafores. I love them.

Not long ago I ran across an apron for clothespins. During the summer I dry our clothes on the line. This would be handy dandy.


DayPhoto said...

You are an old-fashioned woman! I have stacks of patterns for a variety of old clothes. I will look for a apron for you if you would like, but I would need your address. I will keep you informed.


Nancy K. said...

What a wonderful treasure box! Definitely makes cleaning out the closet a worthwhile endeavor! I've been hoping to find a 'pinafore' style apron myself. Or the old fashioned 'bib front'. I don't sew so am limited to what's out there.
And of course, I need it in barn red/burgundy and/or hunter green... Not too picky! ;-)

City Mouse said...

I bet you are real excited about getting to see your son up close and personal for a while. That's wonderful. The aprons are so cool - I have a weird and very specific thing for the kind with the bib that you were supposed to pin up.

Mary @ Annie's Goat Hill said...

If I remember correctly, you have been hoping your son would move closer to home for quite some time. Good for you!

I have some aprons tucked away in a drawer that my grandmother made and wore, wondering the same thing, what do we do with them? I would love to display them but I am not sure how.

I made an apron last year. One of my friends asked, "What in the world are you sewing an apron for?" Because, I wanted to. It was a heart touching thing to make. Brought back memories of mom and grandma.

Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

pinafores - oh, just love 'em, would love to have some in a light cotton. I mostly wear denim jumpers, I like having big pockets on the front, good for office and home, don't have to worry about stains.

Great, your son is moving home, you were hoping he would. Where has he been and what has he been doing?

Anonymous said...

Aprons are just wonderful,I love them.Congrats on your son coming home;)

Goody said...

Oh that will be so nice having your son nearby.

My aprons have their own hooks by the kitchen door-I have about a dozen. I love the vintage ones, but I use them every day, and they don't tend to last long. I almost always have enough extra fabric around to sew a new one when the mood strikes.

Danny learned his colours on one of my aprons that had multi-coloured diamond shapes. I'd sit with him at lunch and he'd start pointing to the different diamonds and struggling to pronounce "turquoise."

Sometimes, you can find really inexpensive twin sheets on sale that are cheaper than buying a few yards of cotton fabric-they make great aprons.


Anonymous said...

I think I am going to be comment bombing your blog this morning, as I am catching up!

I need an apron and am not keen on the little ones that don't go down very far, so I haven't gotten around to making one. But I LOVE the Edwardian apron and pinafore idea. I think I need to make myself one of them!