January 24, 2009

Storage, Craft Shop, Greenhouse & The Winner Is

For a couple of years now, I have wanted a small craft workshop. An area to call my own, where I can spread all my crafts out. A place where I can store, organize and keep fleece, set up the looms, the spinning wheel, the carder (when it arrives), even possibly the skirting table. A place where I can leave unfinished projects and not worry they are cluttering the house. Losing the spare bedroom and it’s closet for storage has created a bit of a challenge in where to put everything. The better half came up with a solution that everyone is happy with

Aren’t they cute! Love the porches. A great idea for a storage area and craft shop. The buildings come in various sizes. We are thinking 10X16 or 10X20. We have found local builders that will deliver and set up.
Both have a loft area in the peak of the roof. There is where all things that need stored will go (Christmas decorations and such). The rest would be for my crafts. We have a way to heat and cool the building so I can use it year round. We have an extra stove so it is possible there may be room to set up a fleece dying area. If the better half would happen to be motivated enough to install water lines an extra washer could be set up just for washing fleece. The possibilities are endless. If all goes well we will be shopping for the craft shop in spring.

Most of you have read that we have peafowl. They are a hobby of sorts, not really pets, are not hand tame, and they free range around the farm. They are actually my worst nightmare at gardening time. Even though we have 6 ft. welded wire fencing around the gardens to keep most critters out, they will fly over and help themselves. We ended up having to reduce the size of the original garden creating raised bed gardens and smaller gardens so we could totally enclose and cover with netting, chicken wire etc.
Last year we made a greenhouse hoop house out of cattle panels covered in plastic so I could start plants and then move to the gardens. Sometimes I think it would be easier just to give the peafowl away. Any hoo, this year we are taking drastic measures to ensure all our hard work is for not.
It’s 10 x 12. The windows and exhaust will be solar powered. Will have drip irrigation set up on timer and hoping that the heat will be also solar powered (that depends on cost). This is actually the better half’s pet project, he has wanted one for years. Can you imagine year round fresh tomatoes?

And the winner is…City Mouse. Actually the 5000th visitor was a google search for New Year family tradtions, 4999 was a search for bottle feeding baby goats, 4998 was a search on feeding goats, 4997 was someone visiting via the link from City Mouse. Since Mouse is a follower of the blog, and the 4997 visitor came courtesy of City Mouse/Country House , he wins!


City Mouse said...

Let me tell you - These things are wonderful. We have two of them. We finished our 10x14 off with a tiny bathroom, shelves, and plank walls, and we use it as a cabin when we go to the country place to work. (Since we don't want to sleep in the house that is going to be torn down.) We really love ours. Even insulated it and had a little propane heater put in.

Anonymous said...

How nice!

Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

for your workshop, get the largest one that you can afford, it will fill up fast.

around here, the workshops are already built, you walk through, pick out the one you want, they deliver and set it up that day.

good luck, can't wait to see what you get.

Shiloh Prairie Farm said...

That will be wonderful for you! They would be so pretty all painted and everything too!

Anonymous said...

Wow they are both great,congrats on the new space..

Goody said...

Last night, L asked what I wanted for my birthday and I couldn't think of a thing...well now I have a nice workshop photo to show him ;)

I can't help but think it would be great as extra space for homeschooling when I don't want my dining room table filled with science projects. Wouldn't that make an excellent classroom/library?


Anonymous said...

I'm thinking about getting a building like that for our eventual milk storage room for when we go Grade A. Might even be able to make it a cheese room as well. They sell them at Home Depot around here, of all places. Yeesh. I think you will love having the extra work space.