May 29, 2008

Taking The Day Off

The morning started out with discovering a leak from the pipes under the kitchen sink. So aggravating, a new house, only 5 months old. I called the contractor. Yep, everything is under warranty so not to worry. He is such a good guy, he was out here in a matter of an hour to fix all.
It was such a beautiful day today, after the morning routine was complete I decided to take a much needed day off from the normal routine. I know I should be concentrating on the "To Do List" and if I let things go today I will pay for it tomorrow. Throwing all caution to wind I decided to just enjoy the day.

Feeding the birds this morning.

This year we have 20 chicks from 3 broody hens.

Every morning when I visit the Angora pen to feed or work this is the face that greets me. Copper Top our Angora Buck

Didn't take long before I was seeing things that needed done and I could not ignore. So much for the day off. I pulled the milk stanchion out of the milk barn to give it a good cleaning. Got it out the door and set it in the sun when along came my earless wonders to offer their assistance.
Barb & Isabella are who I refer to as my earless wonders. Sister and neice call them Shrek goats (get it?...the ears)

Barb is a purebred LaMancha (the one without horns). She actually was a show goat before coming to the farm. Her show placings were 1 Best Junior Doe In Show, 1 Grand Champion, 1 Reserve Grand Champion, 6 1st Place wins.

She is a stout built goat, excellant lines and confirmation. Most folks who come to the farm that know goats are always quick to ask to buy her. Nope she is not for sale.

Isabella is Barb's daughter. She is a La Mancha Saanen cross. Issy is a bit finer boned, petite and delicate. This year she was a first freshner, giving a gallon a day.
Barb is the one I have been waiting and waiting for to kid. She was supposedly bred, but as things sometimes go on the farm, she did not take. We are debating whether or not to expose her to a buck and hope for a late kidding for winter milk.

Guess she has just added a little more weight and spreading out a tad bit.

Today's morning dairy offering was up.

We changed our hay source, improving on the quality a bit. Now feeding out pure Alfalfa in the feeders and letting them out to browse during the day. We are firm believers in Alfalfa and it's effect on production. During the winter months if we can't find Alfalfa hay we buy the pellets. The girls are giving an additional half gallon(plus 1 glass) each milking than when feeding a mix hay.

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