May 8, 2008

The First Blog

Since we moved to the farm 10 years ago, friends and family have been suggesting I write a book about our farm life. I have added that to my "To Do List" though highly doubt if I will ever find the time to actually do it. This blog spot will just have to satisfy their interest in reading about the daily in's, out's, up's, down's, high's and low's of our farm life.

This little 15 acre farm we keep originally was the better half's hunting place, deer camp, guys get away weekend spot when he was single. When I came into the family it became our farm/home. Now... I didn't take away their hunting place or get away spot. There is another small parcel of land about an hour away that they own, rightfully named World's End(the family farm they grew up on). They just packed up deer camp and moved it out there. Win, win situation for all.

We started the farm back when, with the goal of becoming "semi self-sufficient". Which we proudly can say we are. We grow much of our own food. The farm has been home to a variety of homestead animals. The list includes but is not limited to: goats, pigs, sheep, rabbits, chickens, ducks, geese, turkey, peafowl, quail, a couple of donkeys, house and farm dogs and barn cats. The mainstay of the farm is and always will be our goats.

If you check back or pop in occasionally to read our blog we will share our farm life and other interests with you.

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