May 18, 2008

Kids Day Out

While I was out working yesterday, I let the bottle babies out for a day of play and browsing.
There are 4 kids left from the past kidding season. 3 bucklings, 1 doeling. The doeling is sold. Her new owners will be picking her up sometime this next week.

Mickey won out.

Mickey trying to see what the camera is.

Little Jacob's Chance nibbling out and about.

Kidding Totals

Meat, dairy and fiber goats
35 kids born between Dec. 2007 – April 2008
6 singles, 8 sets of twins, 3 sets of trips and 1 set of quads.

Boer Herd
Gretchen – Twins
Buffy – Triplets
Inga – Twins
Jude – Twins
Miss Jane – Twins
Hope – Single
Thelma – Twins

Dairy Herd
Louise – Triplets
Annie – Single
Flower – Triplets
Sarah – Quads
Nellie - Twins
Isabella – Twins
Mae – Twins

Angora Herd
Bella – Single
Annie II – Single
Daisy – Single
Bonnie Lass - Single

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