May 18, 2008

In Memory of Diligence Lil Flower

Flower was a gift to me from Jim in 05. She was ADGA registered, experimental. A cross between Nubian and Alpine breeds, with beautiful markings. A fawn Chamoisee with black stockings, a splash of white facial marking and frosted ears. She was quiet, reserved and timid around the others in the herd, though very inquisitive and curious about anything not goat.

Following a turtle

In the middle of construction work of the milk room

She was an excellent mother. A hellion on the milk stand. I could never break her to milk. She would get her back feet to move quicker than the Irish River dancers. We came to a compromise, she gave us beautiful kids and I let her dam raise them.

When she was younger she would wheeze and cough frequently; she came to us in that condition. We thought it was a respiratory disorder. We took her to our vet, who suspected allergies. As she aged the allergies seemed to worsen, leaving her with a constant gurgling sound from her throat. We took her to another vet hoping that something could be done to help her. This vet believed she had a goiter. We treated her for Iodine deficiency. She seemed to improve. Although in the last months a large mass appeared at her throat.
For those who are familiar with goats, no it was not CL, CAE or any other common goat ailment.
Flower left us on Friday. With a necropsy we found she had an enlarged strangling thymus gland.
This is one of the stressful, emotional moments of farm life. Losing a piece of your heart with each beloved animal that dies. Thank you Flower for all you gave us. You will be greatly missed.

Thank you Matt for helping during such a dire circumstance

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