May 17, 2008

I Want' Itis

I Want'Itis, you know that condition that comes upon you, for things you know you really don't need, can live without, but really want to have and can't shake the desire or let it go.

I have a weakness and I Want'Itis over powers my rational thinking when it comes to my furry fiber friends.

When we started the farm we had a few sheep. I loved the ewes and lambs. Disliked our ram's personality, though loved to look at him. He couldn't be trusted, a person couldn't be in the same pasture with him for fear he would sneak up on you and waylay you. I know where the name "ram" originated from. He was a fiesty boy for sure. He was only doing his job, protecting his flock, but come on now...trying to not only to bite the hand that fed him, I think he would have liked to kill me.
That's him below with the black face. Rudy the rude boy. A Suffolk. The girls were Poly-Pays. A newer breed, bred for fleece and meat.

The sheep were a bit difficult for me to handle at lambing. We had to deal with prolaspe, finding out from the vet, after the fact, it was a common occurance in sheep. That nipped my desire to raise, well breed sheep in the bud quickly.

As time passed I continued to want to add sheep back into the mix of the farm. Still do. Though know from past experience, ram lambs, wethered would be the only way for me to go. Definitely no ewes to breed.

My I Want'Itis is rearing it ugly head this time of year. I would like to add a couple of lambs to the farm. The breed I truly would love to have, the Shetland.

Just take a look at Bluff Country Shetlands

Her flock is to die for! Look at the colors, the lambs, the fleece! I do wish we lived closer to her.

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