December 19, 2008

A Christmas Surprise

This year we had planned on spending a quiet Christmas at home. For most of the day we had planned on being home alone, just the two of us. Maybe sleeping late, well later than normal, maybe till at least 7 (for us the day normally starts about 5:30). Enjoying a day of leisure, visiting with the critters, doing the daily animal care routine together. Later he in his recliner, me curled up on the couch or piddling in the kitchen, maybe watching a holiday movie or reading a book. Christmas evening we had planned a small evening holiday meal here at home with my parents, invited the better half’s brother to join us also. Normally the guys don’t get to spend the holidays together, they both end up working. I think the last Christmas they spent together was the year their father passed away. He passed in January 01.
I just received a phone call, saying it won’t be a quiet Christmas after all. His side of the family would be celebrating with us.
This puts a new spin on things. There are candies to make, pies to bake, cookies to decorate. Need to get the house in order for guests, plan out a larger menu and prepare to be invaded.
Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend before Christmas!
Joanna I will try to post about our farm yarn, fiber on the hoof and the fiber processing soon, very soon. I may have blogged alittle bit about it in my older posts on Angoras or Shearing Day.

Rikke! My dear, WELCOME, so happy you stopped by the blog! It is so wonderful to see you out and about! Congratulations on achieving your PhD!!!
If anyone is interested in Nigerian Dwarf goats, consider dropping by my dear friends site to have a looksey… Fox Dog Farm
She has a very colorful and the sweetest group of ND’s. She breeds, milks, and is an excellent cheesemaker. They own/operate a CSA in Washington state, selling produce, flowers, herbs and goats.


Shiloh Prairie Farm said...

Glad to hear you will be celebrating Christmas with your family.

Hi Rikke! I tried to leave a comment on your blog, but it wouldn't let me. This is Jennifer by the way!

Joanna said...

yarn, fiber on the hoof
That's fine honey, I'd just like to hear about it sometime. I'll try to look up some old posts.

I've got Nigerian's, so I'll enjoy the blog that you recommended.

Enjoy your company.

Anonymous said...

We're celebrating CHRISTmas with my Dad's family tomorrow which was a last minute thing that came up though and Sunday we're going to a restaurant then to my brother and sis-in-law's house to have CHRISTmas with them and also my brother-in-law and sister but CHRISTmas will probably be a quiet one though, we usually open our gifts on CHRISTmas Eve after our CHRISTmas Eve service at church.

Hot Belly Mama - easing into it said...

Christmas is always better with others. We will be home alone Christmas Eve but then with loved ones on Christmas day. :)

Anonymous said...

Jama, thank you so much for the warm welcome! I'm enjoying catching up with everyone and reading all the new blogs and so on.

Christmas here is going to be us and my family, as normal. That is assuming we can all get out and travel. The weather forecast for this weekend is, basically, dire. And that's coming on top of record breaking cold and snow last week. So we might be celebrating the family Christmas a little late!

I have started a blog over on LJ, just to keep up with y'all. Dunno though, maybe that's not the best place to be. Anyways, hi Jennifer, Amy, everyone!

City Mouse said...

Yikes! At least they gave you a *few* days notice! Happy baking! Sounds like I need to stop by Fox Dog Farm - thanks for the tip.