December 25, 2008

Christmas Morning

Just about 4:30 here, I got out of bed to begin preparing for Christmas breakfast. It's still too early to do much more or begin preparing the turkey for Christmas dinner so I thought I would check email and piddle on the computer while all were still fast asleep.
Aww the sound of silence. :-)

We are hoping that Buffy kids today or tomorrow while Jim is home. She's as broad as a beam and has uddered up so...anytime. I am heading out to check on her here in a minute.
She's the only one we have purposely bred this year for winter kidding. Her kids were reserved so we felt obligated to follow through or I really would have waited. She is such a good mom and does so well with her kids, all will do fine this winter I do believe.

Barb and Isabella two of the dairy does will be joining a buck today for their congenial visit. If all goes smoothly we will be looking at May babies.
The Angoras were frisky and frolicking yesterday. Noticed a couple of the does were in heat and really flirting with and enticing the boys. Looks like May babies there too.
Sarah Beth our Saanen was in rare form yesterday, front feet planted on the fence, hollering in the direction of the buck pen, tail flagging, just begging to be let out. Sorry Sarah, no babies for you this year. It's year off for the ole gal.
The wooly boys (Shetlands) are a joy to have. Tis the season the sheep seem to enjoy. The cold weather doesn't effect them one little bit. They seem to be in wonderful spirits everyday, hopping, popping and running around in their warm winter coats.

Kirby lost his horn that was growing too close to his eye. Another major farm drama for me. When I went to feed and let them out to browse that morning the first thing I saw was blood all over Kirby. I don't do blood and went into my panic mode. I looked for the source of the blood, realized his horn was not by his face any longer, it was back behind his ear. Half on, half off. And there was blood, lots of blood. Frantic I was, thinking how was I suppose to stop the blood? He seemed to be OK though I wasn't taking any chances. I called the BIL, the paramedic, to come help(thankfully he was off work). I held Kirby while Matt did what needed done. Don't ask, I didn't watch. It involved blood stop powder and an antispetic spray from the med kit. I now have Kirby's horn, which seemed so large on his head, but so small now.

It was a rough way to lose the horn for the little guy, but it was actually for the best, since it was growing into his eye.

It's time to go make the donuts...hope everyone has a blessed and Merry Christmas!


Mary @ Annie's Goat Hill said...

Best wishes for an easy delivery for Buffy, Jama. And, that was quite an ordeal with the horn. It still amazes me what we see and do when we keep animals, puts us on an entire new brave front. :) Merry Christmas!

Shiloh Prairie Farm said...

Merry Christmas Jama! Thank you so much for the Christmas Card! My mailbox was full of good mail yesterday, not just bills as usual. I wish I would have mailed cards out this year, but somehow it just slipped my mind until it was too late!

Glad Kirby is ok, sounds like it was for the best in the end!

Kara said...

I had a ram lamb catch a horn in fence this summer and tear it off much in the same way. The amount of blood is aweful, but it heals quickly just keep an eye on it. I had to battle the flies, at least you don't have to worry about that. Good luck and Happy Holidays.

Joanna said...

Meeeerry Christmas fromm the Appalachians. ;-)

Tammy said...

Merry Christmas Jama! :-) Really am glad Kirby lost that horn, since it was going to be a pesky thing to keep under control. I know how bad it is when you see all that blood though. I did ask the vet once and he said, 'no they won't bleed to death'. ;-0 Remember cobwebs can make a great emergency 'blood stop'if needed. It's unfortunate that the horn didn't tear clean off, so that it had to be removed. So glad you had your brother in law (in his official duties, of course--doesn't every paramedic 'operate' on sheepies??) come by to help. I'm also glad you enjoy the boys so much. Truly winter is their season, and they are one farm animal I don't worry about in the cold. Take care,

Goody said...

Merry Christmas.

Oh, ouch. Poor Kirby.

Anonymous said...

Merry CHRISTmas Jama, hope all goes well with Buffy!

barefootchef said...

Happy holidays to you and your family. Hoping Buffy kids easily for you! Let us know how it goes.

City Mouse said...

Best wishes and all good thoughts for the girls' delivery. Hope you're had a very happy Christmas (weekend), and I'm so happy that Kirby's horn situation is working out.

Peggy said...

Do you have baby goats yet???? LOL We are starting our kidding season now so baby monitor is on all the time and I am making lots of trips to the maternity pen