November 5, 2008

One Less Worry

View from the front porch this morning...

I was actually very happy to see the guys show up. Have been waiting for about 3 months to have a problem taken care of. We had a large branch growing on/over the power line. The branch was putting pressure on the power line and connectors at the pole to the house. There were also a few other smaller branches in Axle's pen that were pressing on the power line.

The guys used the bucket truck to reach the branches that were close to the house.

A ways up there...
One tech tieing off the branch to the truck

The same young man that tied off the line above, also trimmed the branches on a tree in the middle of Axle's pen. No bucket truck this time. He gafted the tree, with chain saw hanging from his waist. I was impressed, I have not seen anyone gaft a tree or pole since I worked for the cable company years ago. Can't see him very well, though if you look over the black rack on the truck (in between the two red lines) you can see him cutting a branch. They gave me permission to take photos, though asked me not to step off the front porch while they were working or I'd gotten a better shot.


Anonymous said...

Aren't you glad that is all taken care of now!

DayPhoto said...

Ah----memories of my husband's paying job! Although, he is a lineman, way back when we were young and we needed a way to farm and have money toooooo :( he and I went to work. I to a grocery store and he to being a lineman. Back in those days linemen had to trim the trees ALSO, today they contract it out.

Thanks for the photos and the memories!


Jennifer said...

Glad you have one less thing to worry about!