November 21, 2008

Goats Know

I found it interesting when a neighbor (male) unexpectedly came down the other day to borrow something. I was in one of the goat pens. Sundance who would rather be held and petted than breath didn't care about the neighbor’s presence because I was holding him. Camel on the other hand only saw a stranger and got that wild eyed look, became unsettled and was running the four corners of the pen seemingly in fear, to attempt to get away from the neighbor. I don't particularly know this neighbor and I think the goats pick up on my uneasiness.

I have watched different people and their interactions with the goats. The goats know an "animal person" and a "non animal" person and I believe if I am comfortable or not with the person. The
rambunctious little boy I babysat last summer, would walk even remotely close to the pens and the goats would migrate to the opposite end of the pen. My great niece can walk to the pen and they are all clambering to put their noses thru so she can pet them. Another neighbor who is rather out going and opinionated can walk to the goat area and they scatter. Our goat midwife can walk down the driveway and they are all standing at the fence anxiously awaiting her to acknowledge their presence.

Oh, you can bribe them to like you...the rustle of a bag of chips or the crackling of the cellophane sleeve on a package of crackers causes great excitement among the goats. Hearing the doors on the feed room opening (the metal doors squeak when they slide), the clink clank of milk buckets, or the sound of feed being scooped out of feed sacks into metal coffee cans will bring them to you.

Or have a bag or box of Animal Crackers in your hand. Our goats absolutely love Animal Crackers. I mean the knock down, trample you, head butt and fight over… love Animal Crackers. You will have many goat friends forever.

I was actually surprised when I read the nutrition facts on the Animal Crackers. They are low fat, no cholesterol, have a bit of salt but not a lot. They do have Thiamine, Riboflavin and Folate, which the goats all need. A serving size is 16 cookies. So you better have a large bag :-)

Other treats we offer the goats are
Corn Chips of any kind (Tostitios Scoops are their favorites)
Pumpkin Seeds (natural de-wormers)
Crackers of any kind (Ritz rank #1)
Peanuts in shell


Sharrie said...

So.......was the guy a problem? It is quite helpful to have those little "people barometers" around. You just have to lure all strangers out to the goat fence.

City Mouse said...

I think animals are very often much better judges of character than we humans.

DayPhoto said...

I believe in the instincts of animals...I believe, oh how I believe.

Many times over life I have had a normally calm dog, cow, cat or chicken turn into a hissing, pecking attacking animal when someone comes they just don't trust.

It usally turns out they were right.


thecrazysheeplady said...

There is a drum carder listed on ebay right now. Looks pretty good...

Anonymous said...

Yep, animals sure do know what's going on!