November 22, 2008

Meet Buffy

At only a few hours old Buffy came to live in the house due to being disowned by her mother and the inclimate weather of winter. She spent her first 3 months in the house, bottle fed, diapered, brushed, and pampered, constantly at my side. She wasn't the first and she won't be the last goat to have the housegoat title, but she is the most unique.

We started noticing that Buffy was interested in putting her mouth on everything I touched. The lids to the feed cans, once I replaced them after feeding she would walk up and try to put her mouth on it. The kitchen drawers and cabinets, if I was working in the kitchen she would follow behind and put her mouth on the handles. She stood extremely still when I opened and closed the screen door and stared. I thought was rather odd at first, as if she was afraid to walk through the door in or out. She continued to observe everything I did with such intensity.

When Buffy was old enough, the weather was nice enough and basically diapers didn't fit her anymore, Buffy took her place out in the pen with the other pets. It is always so hard to turn my babies out. I always feel like I am damaging them, betraying them, losing them. Yes I know they are goats and they are suppose to be outside.

I took her aside and explained how things were. That she could not live in the house any longer. That the goat berries were too much, the others needed her to be a playmate, new babies would soon be arriving and needed me just a little bit more than she.

Her first day out seemed to be going so very smoothly, she was out and about with the others. She wasn't any where to be seen which lead me to believe she was enjoying herself.

Deciding to finish up the laundry, I carry the clothes in from the clothes line, open the screen door, walk through the living room... there is Buffy sitting in the better half's recliner.


Back out she goes, close the screen door, purposely check twice. Go about the daily routine, keeping an eye on her. A few minutes later, no Buffy to be seen, as a matter of fact where are Thelma and Louise, hummm...

I go to the house, goat berry trail up the porch steps. Screen door wide open. Buffy in the recliner, Thelma had her head stuck in the dog food bag, Louise eating dog food from the bowl.


Buffy has proven her ability to open feed cans, kitchen cabinets and the screen door. Using her mouth. You betcha...have witnesses! I knew no one would believe me, so with each visitor to the farm we allow Buffy to open the door for him or her. I indulge her occasionally, let her open the door and come in for very short supervised visit.

This is a daily exercise for Buf. First thing out at playtime, at a dead run she heads straight for the porch, to open the screen door.


Anonymous said...

I always enjoy reading about Buffy.


Tammy said...

Oh my goodness. That is too funny. I especially like the part where you thought she was out 'adjusting' to her new goatie life, when all the while she was sacked out in the recliner! What a clever creature--all that watching was storing up ideas in her mind. :-)

barefootchef said...

Buffy has always has a sweet spot in my heart. I would so love to meet her in person one day and have her personally open the door for me.

DayPhoto said...

I just love goats. And this is the best story yet. I have sent your blog over to my daughter, who also loves goats.