July 21, 2009

I Really Should

be busy doing something other than sitting here at the computer. Can’t get much done just sitting still you know. Just can’t help myself today. It is rather dull, damp and rainy out. Feels like a slow paced type day. A perfect time to catch up.

It has been crazy, busy, non-stop here lately. With a little bit of everything thrown in…the good, bad and the ugly.

The weather lately has been absolutely beautiful here. Truly amazing weather for July. Not out of the 80's during the day and in the upper 50’s to low 60’s at night. Sunday we actually tied a record low temperature. I have gotten so many outdoor projects done and have enjoyed doing them. Today they say we aren't suppose to get out of the 70's. It's just wonderful, rain and all!

Not sure I mentioned but Dear Son found a job shortly after his moving home. The job is not quite up to his standards (half the pay, no benefits) compared to his last position. But like I told him, even though it was not exactly the job he wanted, it’s a start, it’s a job and it’s money coming in for him. Moving from the 4th largest city in TN out here to po’dunk MO I feel he is blessed to be able to actually find something so quickly in this economy. He can continue looking for something equivalent to his previous position in his off time. Kind’a like wing walking, you don’t let go of one ‘til you have a hold of the other.

He has been driving the farm truck back and forth. The farm truck is a gas-guzzler, a 1 ton, 4-wheel drive, dually. Perfect for all the heavy-duty farm work we put it through like hauling the livestock and hay trailers, the weekly run to the feed store type work. But so not good for driving back and forth 40-50 miles daily. It takes about $80 to fill. Way too expensive for our budget, draining the wallet quickly.
We have been working on helping him get transportation other than the farm truck lined up. Geez, anyone been vehicle shopping lately? You know how expensive vehicles are, well, reliable, decent vehicles? Not to mention all the other necessities that are involved like tax, title and license.
After a bit of time we were able to locate him a reasonably priced, decent used vehicle. All the particulars should be finalized in the next day or so.
A 2002 Kia Sportage 4x4.
Fuel efficient, about 25 miles to the gallon. Small, compact but with 4 wheel drive capable to take these rough country roads. He would probably have a fit if I ask him to do it, but it's even got room to haul feed or a goat or a sheep in the back. ;-)

Another bottle baby came our way a week after Violet and the triplets. The little guy, we call him Little Buddy, I think was actually close to being Floppy. (When you get a chance and if you are interested google Floppy Kid Syndrome in goat kids.) It was touch and go for awhile. Many late nights bottle-feeding every 2 hours and much worrying on my part. Happy to report he is now up on his feet. Not quite as coordinated or active as he should be, but still doing 100% better. He is going back to the breeder as soon as he is weaned.
Little Buddy with the white blazed face. Brownie with the white spot on her head.

A local kennel I have worked with in the past called for assistance a couple of days ago. Had a 5-day-old Shih Tzu male pup with eating problems. I tried to save him, but it was not meant to be.

We lost a feeder pig. The crazy thing somehow got his head stuck in the fence and choked himself to death. Of course has to happen when the guys aren’t around. The neighbor was nice enough to come get him untangled and dispose of him properly.

Things have been slow going out on the road for the Better Half. Low miles, doing a lot of sitting out there. Sitting around in the semi gets on his nerves, let’s say he has not been in the best of moods lately. If the wheels aren't turning he is not making money which makes him cranky.

Have made a bit more progress on the skirting table. Stretched and covered the top with chicken wire. Over the edges of the top and wire I cut and placed some spare trim molding we had. Have still to paint the molding and add a few finishing touches. Dah me, really should have painted the molding before I cut and attached them. Would have made things much easier.
Well, off to work up a bit of blueberry jam, parboil a few more tomatoes and pop a few ears of corn in the freezer. Hope everyone has a good one.


DebH said...

Wow..your world is a busy one. Sounds like you give it your all and thats where you will be rewarded. Life keeps you on your toes sometimes and just when you think everything is sailing along...wham..something to wake you up. You sound like such a positive person and one that I would so enjoy for a neighbor.

~Tonia said...

You are one busy lady! I thought of you today when I got out my last bar of soap!! ITs my favorite the coffee one! I was saving the best for last! Cute babies!
Yea On the car for your son!! I have a KIA van and I love it!

Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

The car looks good. Be sure to take care of yourself.

Tammy said...

Hi Jama,
Good to hear the update. I was just thinking of you this morning, wondering how things were going. It sounds like you have been busy, being nursemaid to the young and helpless. Sorry the pup didn't make it, but I'm sure it wasn't because you didn't try your hardest. Crazy on the pig...sometimes though those things happen no matter how we try to cover all the bases. Glad to hear that your Dad is doing better. For what it's worth, my Mom had to go the no salt thing, too, and she hated it, and had a hard time adjusting. Thankfully she knew it was crucial to her health and took it seriously. Now here a year and a bit later, she is like the Salt Nazi or something and watches everybody. She has adjusted finally to the more bland taste of low salt/no salt foods. She still can splurge on occasion, but for the most part is very ridged. Is your sister feeling any better? Wow, just the gas saved on your son's new car, ought to help with some of the initial expense. :-)

DayPhoto said...

Your little kids are darling. I love the look in thier eyes and the tilt of thier little heads.


Anonymous said...

Wow, Jama, you have had a lot going on. Floppy is very touch and go, glad you were there for the buckling. Good that you father is improving.