June 10, 2009

Then & Now

My Angora boys

Sundance Fiber Farm The Sundance Kid
at 1 month old
Sundance came to us as a bottle baby due to his being a triplet and his mother could not produce enough milk to support all three.

Sundance Fiber Farm Jacob's Chance

Jacob's Chance was orphaned at 7 days old.
Of course we could not and would not refuse another bottle baby.
at 1 month old.
Jacob was also one of the last kids born before Sundance Fiber Farm closed her doors.Now

The boys at 6 months old.


DayPhoto said...

Those are just beautiful animals! Thank you for sharing. Just lovely!


~Tonia said...

They are just to cute!! THe dishwasher being open right where they can climb on it must be to much of a temptation for the babies. I have pics of one of our babies like that!

Gizmo said...

They are both very handsome boys. Thank you for the introduction. :)