June 3, 2009

Early Morning Singing Song

Gliddy glub gloopy
Nibby nabby noopy
La la la lo lo
Sabba sibby sabba
Nooby abba nabba
Le le lo lo
Tooby ooby walla
Nooby abba naba
Early morning singing song
Singing a song
Humming a song
Singing a song
Loving a song
Laughing a song
Singing a song
Sing the song
Song song song sing
Sing sing sing sing song

Remember that song?

For some strange reason I have that song stuck in my head. And it’s stuck tight. When others things are not occupying and keeping my mind busy it continues to play over and over so of course I sing it.

Imagine the animals do believe I am half a bubble off plum this morning.

Raining once again. Outside projects on the back burner, no weeding, no mowing as were planned for the day. Mind you, I am not complaining in the least. The rains are keeping all green and growing. Hopefully these heavy down pour summer rains do not turn into too much of a good thing. The water is standing where there should be none. If this continues the poor plants may drown.


DayPhoto said...

You already have my most favorite flower in bloom...sigh! Ahhh!

Mine won't get here until July.


Claire said...

Ahhhh....now you have put that song into MY head! Very contagious! Loved the latest pictures of your goats and can't wait for more pics of little Ciara. What a great name!

Sharrie said...

There are lots of worse songs that could be in your head. At least it is a happy one. Wishing you just the right amount of rain.

Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

Good Morning Starshine Yes, I know it and now it's swirling in my head.

Nancy K. said...

What a wonderful tune to have floating around in your head!
And now I know the "words"!!